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Elevated Shortcut 2.0
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Elevated Shortcut is utility what allows you to run application with elevated rights without UAC prompt. This release featured with:
- New design with Russian and English UI languages
- New features: Explorer context menu integration, "regular"- to - elevated shortcut converter and availability to remove "elevated" shortcuts (both *.lnk file and Windows Scheduler task)

This application will be useful if you want to run specific programs always as administrator (for example Sysinternals Process Explorer), but you won't to see UAC promt and won't keep UAC disabled.

Updated: 01/12/2011 (Submitted: 01/09/2010)
Operating system: Windows Vista/7
Interface language: Multilingual
License type: FreeWare
Downloads today: 4
Downloads in the past 7 days: 34
Downloads total: 19,571


Screenshots «Elevated Shortcut 2.0»

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Screenshot Elevated Shortcut 2.0

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just tried (2011-01-08)
I just tried this and it's great. I first tried UAC Trust Shortcut and which requires a service to run and my dock won't add it's icons. Elevated Shortcut is much better in my opinion as it doesn't have these issues and easier. cmd shows for a sec.

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