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Windows 10 Firewall Control 8.2

Main  Security  Other  Windows 10 Firewall Control 8.2
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Windows 10 Firewall Control 8.2
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Protects your applications from undesirable network incoming and outgoing activity, controls applications internet access. Allows you to control personal information leakage via controlling application network traffic.
Manages and synchronizes port forwarding provided by external network connection (firewall/router) box with applications requirements and activity.
* Designed for Windows 7 & Vista
* Free versions available
* Decreases expenses of mobile/satellite connections
* Zone based network permissions management
* Integration with Window Explorer for direct access permission management
* Integration with Windows Security Center
* Instant notifications of blocked activity
* Special editions for portable devices (USB flash/HDD drives, iPod etc)
* Special editions for U3 smart devices
* Protection from incoming and outgoing threats
* External network connection (firewall/router) box support
* Automatic network connection box detection/management
* External/worldwide access to selected local application
* Port Forwarding management
* Automatic Port Forwarding-to-applications synchronization
* Simplicity of operation
* Per-application security settings
* Group zone and application network access permission management
* IPv6 support

Updated: 07/13/2017 (Submitted: 02/26/2009)
Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/10,  Server 2008 (R2,SP1)/Server 2012 (R2)
Interface language: English
License type: FreeWare
Downloads today: 1
Downloads in the past 7 days: 5
Downloads total: 29,968

Author: SphinxSoftware

Screenshots «Windows 10 Firewall Control 8.2»

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Screenshot Windows 10 Firewall Control 8.2

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