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Opera AC 3.8.0 Final
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Opera © AC - Based on all-known Opera browser!
In this version you can find a lot of extra additions, several 3d-party utilities, plus the browser itself is tuned to be very convenient for a common user.

* Using this Opera version, you'll feel all the goodies of the Opera browser itself, and amenities of using best and essential resourses of the Internet.

* This version runs from any place, it's absolutely portable. That means, that now you can take your favorite browser (using USB-drive) to any place, where Windows is used (partially runs on Linux too). And herewith you have ready to hand everything for safe, quick and comfortable web-serfing! Ц For that one we should thanks to Lexi (A.Ruzanov) for portability, because he wrote such a geniously simple (in fact, not so simple ;) ) utility - "Opera Loader", that turns common Opera into a portable browser!

* In despite of some beliefs, AC Team doesn't touch the source code of the Opera browser, and doesn't modify it any way. We just making efforts, whenever possible, to add to the browser author's
utilities, to improve open-sourced files (configuration files), and to integrate some services, that greatly facilitate working in the Internet!

Moreover this version includes...

* Online (web) translation with basic languages support (from/into Russian, other languages) Ц the translation displayed in a small have-transparent box over the current page, not in a new tab.

* Links checking for viruses, using popular antivirus service "Dr.Web Online".

* Support for over 20 most popular download managers: you can switch to any download manager installed on your system, when necessary.

* Ability to download selected text-links (non-formatted text) using selected from settings download manager. This and previous option are implement by "Oget" utility.

* Blocking of advertisement and flash-animation (reduces page load time, saves traffic=money). In addition there is an option to block single images with just two clicks.

* Convenient video downloading from the most popular web-services ( etc.).

* Option to watch pages in Opera AC using Internet Explorer engine (uses MeadCo's Neptune plug-in).

* Smiles and BBCode panels to use on forums. These panels significantly simplifies posting formatted messages on different Internet forums.

* Copying formatted text (from browser to text editor [e.g. MS Word]).

* Copying "On fly" - Just hold "Ctrl" key and select some text, it will be copied automatically into Clipboard (keeping formatting). Thanks to Lexi for this and the previous features.

* Option to save selected text into a file.

* Option to save a log file for a built-in IRC-chat client of the Opera browser.

* Integration of the most popular web-sites in Runet (but not only) Ц navigation menu for different portals and services - including: Forum.Ru-Board,,,,,, and our own web-site menu coming soon ;)

* Added system menu to control often used utilities and system services (only for Windows).

* [X] Added local help files for current version of the Opera browser.

* Links of resources related to our "Opera AC" project (in Help menu), plus a list of favorite widgets and skins (in appropriate menus).

* File size (by link) checking tool (plus can show some addition info) Ц "CheckFileSize" utility.

* The most popular sidepanel set, that includes: Uploader panel, Resources panel, ICQ2Go! panel, etc.

* Added one of the best tools for saving and managing web-pages in the Opera browser Ц Obook Plugin!

* Added "Page2Chm" utility Ц it allows to save pages using different formats (*.chm format is main).

* [X] Opera browser settings backup and restore utility Ц beta-version for now: "Op_Backup&RppЕ"

* A search system like in "opera:config" is made for "opera:cache".
* Also added images and flash-animations preview to "opera:cache" (by pressing a button).

* Session saving only for one (current) page.

* Panel to control the popular Winamp player.
* Panel to control the popular Foobar player.
* Panel to control the popular Aimp player.

- Attention!!!

* For stable work of Opera AC, run always from OperaAC.exe file (not Opera.exe).

[x] => temporarily excluded (disabled).

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Updated: 06/13/2013 (Submitted: 06/28/2008)
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, 
Interface language: Multilingual
License type: FreeWare
Downloads today: 0
Downloads in the past 7 days: 18
Downloads total: 448,055

Author: AC Team

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Shuvo (2011-12-06)
I love opera Ac

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