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Armadain Media Player 1.0.7000

Main  Multimedia  Players  Armadain Media Player 1.0.7000
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Armadain Media Player 1.0.7000
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Main functions

Supported file formats:


* .mp3; *. Mp2; *. Mp1; *. Ogg; *. Wav; *. Aiff * .mo3; *. Xm; * mod; *. S3m; *. It; *. Mtm; * .umx ; *. Aac; *. M4a; *. M4b; *. Mp4; * ac3; *. M4a; *. Ape; *. Mac; *. Mpc; *. Mp +; *. Mpp; *. T *; .wv; *. Cda; *. Flac; *. Fla; *. Oga; *. Ogg; *. Wma


* .mkv; *. Avi; *. Mpg; *. Wmv; * fly; *. Flv; *. M4v; *. Mp4; *. Mov; *. 3gp. There is a possibility of rewinding with the Forward and Back buttons. You can zoom in or out using the mouse wheel. Various codecs are supported, additional settings including subtitles are configured via the utility code. The settings appear in the system tray (the area of ​​the background programs and hours) during playback.


Support 10-band equalizer.

Support for effects: echo, flight, reflection. It is possible to save your own settings.

Online radio

You can add a link to online radio in the playlist. Supported by the service SHOUTcast, thousands of broadcasts from around the world. It is possible to save the radio station.


Playlists are saved in their own * .ipl format. Also supported formats are * .pls; * .m3u (playlists are not fully supported, but are only converted to * .ipl format)


There is a possibility of sorting by albums, genres and performers. You can create an album or artist shortcut on the desktop. The library watches the specified folders with music and video and reports on the appearance of new files. These files will be added to the special playlist New Files. Also there is an automatic search for playlists in a folder with music.

Editing tags

Supports editing of most audio formats. For lossless formats, you can view the country of purchase, the author of the purchase, etc. You can add multiple album covers, and if there are no album covers, you can quickly add it from the Internet. Song Words are supported, they can also be quickly retrieved from the network.


Service Top-Chart allows you to access the most popular music from around the world. Find out what kind of music is popular now and listen to it for free. You can search for any music and buy it on Google Play Music.

and much more

Updated: 11/13/2017 (Submitted: 06/30/2017)
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Interface language: Multilingual
License type: FreeWare
Downloads today: 0
Downloads in the past 7 days: 1
Downloads total: 133

Author: Armadain Software

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